Divorce & Life Coaching
Helping you Wake Up, Get Real & Get Going
Are you done with New Year's Resolutions?
I will help you adapt to more complex mindsets so you can make better decisions and reach your highest capabilities.

Are you dealing with conflict?
I will help you learn how to distinguish between surface behaviors and deep needs so your relationships can improve.

Are you tired of feeling stressed?
I will help you better understand your brain and body so you can manage your anxiety and increase your happiness.

Are you contemplating or getting a divorce?
I will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of divorce, separate with dignity, and save money in the process.

I coach in a variety of settings:
 - One-on-one sessions
 - Support groups
 - Lunch & Learn corporate workshops
 - Children's workshops

"Rena is the first person I call when I feel like I've hit a tough spot!  She's been instrumental in helping me interrupt self-sabotage and see and realize my potential.  She has an incredible gift for hearing what I'm really saying and getting my head clear!  Hire Rena if you're ready for transformation while having fun in the process!  She's authentic.  Brilliant.  Passionate.  And freakin' hilarious!  Read anything she writes.  Sign up for whatever she's teaching.  She practices what she preaches!  In other words, she's AWESOME!"
    ~Lindsley Hunter, Coach (Los Angeles, CA)

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